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#15833 Personal Support Worker - The Waterford Long Term Care

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Employer Information

The Waterford Long Term Care


2140 Baronwood Dr.
Oakville, ON




Job Description

Health Care / Social Services, Hospitality / Retail, Other, Skilled Trades / General Labour


January 12, 2018

January 31, 2018




various shifts



Complexity and Scope of the position
Reports to the Registered Staff in charge of the shift and is responsible for providing care to the residents
according to their care plans and assisting in the identification of resident needs.

Key Activities
Resident Relations:
Assist in meeting residents' needs as directed:
- assist with residents belongings, unpack and store, clothing labels
- Give bed, tub baths and showers to those requiring assistance.
- Assist with personal grooming such as hair and nail care.
- Assist with oral hygiene including cleaning teeth and dentures.
- Feed totally dependent residents and assist others with their meals.
- Provide nourishments to residents between meals.
- Pass and empty bedpans and collect urine and fecal specimens.
- Answer call bells.
- Assists in the ambulation and toileting of residents.
- Make residents' beds, change linen, tidy dresser, bedside tables and other furniture.
- Assist residents to
- Collect charts, records and reports.
- Collect and bag soiled linen for dispatch to laundry and sort and store clean linen.
- Clean, sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment.
- Assist in the implementation of the Guidelines on Activation and the Activity Program e.g. bringing
residents to scheduled activities.
- Inform supervisor of supply needs.
- Store laundered garments in residents' rooms.
Assist in the development of resident care plans e.g. providing information for or participating in Resident Care
Conferences. Must be thoroughly familiar with the care need intervention outlined in the resident care plan.
Assist in the admission and discharge of residents by escorting new residents to assigned rooms, unpacking and
storing their clothing and storing their valuables.

Regulatory Compliance:
Assist in the maintenance of optimal safety standards to ensure the safety of residents and other staff. Must be
familiar with the occupational health and safety requirements of the position. Reports any injury or
occupational hazards to immediate supervisor.
Operational and Administrative Systems:
Assist in the monitoring of care given to residents to ensure it is in accordance with the established plan of care
by observing residents and reporting findings to the immediate Supervisor.
Assist in the documentation of information pertaining to the care of residents as directed by the Supervisor.
Attend in-service education sessions, staff meetings, and workshops as directed by the immediate Supervisor.
Assist in the orientation of new staff as directed by the Supervisor.
Charting (where applicable):
- Daily flow sheet
- continence program
- food/fluid intake
- weights
- restraint record
- equipment cleaning
- other documentation as required
Responsible to keep current of resident care plan changes by reading the plan on a regular basis and after a
leave of absence.
Identify and document building/equipment breakdowns in maintenance log.
Receive and escort visitors.
Perform other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in administering simple treatments and related bedside care
to residents. Must be familiar with department policies and procedures. Must understand the basic of good
sanitation and sterile techniques. Knowledgeable with respect to the needs of geriatric residents.

A minimum of public school education is required. High school education preferred. Must be certified as a
Delete Health Care Aide Health Care Aide, Personal Support Worker or equivalent.

Skills & Abilities:
Must be mature and possess good communication and interpersonal skills with ability to exercise tact and
diplomacy in dealing with residents, families and visitors. Must be in good mental and physical health. Must
be sensitive and empathetic to the needs of the residents.
Special Requirements
Constant standing and walking. Turning, stooping, bending and lifting. Finger and hand dexterity to handle
delicate instruments and other equipment. Visual and hearing acuity to detect changes in residents' condition.
Must be able to work knowing that errors may result in serious consequences for residents. Must possess
initiative and judgment in recognizing symptoms indicative of residents' adverse reactions to treatments. Must
be willing to perform a variety of simple repetitive tasks many of which involve unpleasant conditions.
Work indoors in well-lighted ventilated rooms. Possibility of sustaining cuts and minor burns from instruments
and equipment. May be exposed to communicable disease. Possibility of strains due to moving residents or
injury from irrational residents. Frequent and constant standing, walking, bending, lifting, and carrying is
involved in the position.

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