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#18037 Registered Nurse - FirstLight Home Care

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Bheng Rollon

FirstLight Home Care


2420 Meadowpines Blvd Suite 105
Mississauga , ON



Job Description

Health Care / Social Services


March 31, 2021

May 31, 2021


Part Time or Full Time Hours

Full-time Permanent


Primary Care Nurses provide clients with primary health care services, including education, screening, patient assessment, healthy lifestyle support and chronic disease management. Primary Care Nurses work within a care deliver unit (CDU) as a member of a health care team, which includes doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Their role is to oversee the patient flow in the CDU, creating care plans and following up with the patient.


· Understand and implement the principles of the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS).

· Complete physical assessments, administer medication, change dressings, collect specimen, give immunizations, etc.

· Manage patient flow through the CDU to ensure patients are being seen in a timely manner based on the health are providers’ scope of practice.

· Assist CDU receptionists with tracking patients and managing patient questions.

· Resolve patient concerns, or direct them to the appropriate resource.

· Initiate the short term home care requirements for members with an expected return to work date of less than ninety days.

· Counsel patients on managing chronic disease, health responsibilities post-operation, proper hand hygiene.

· Identify health trends which may affect patients under the care of the CDU

· Provide clinical guidance to CDU Medical Technicians related to direct patient care and nursing interventions.

· Develop educational programs for both patients and staff with information sessions, pamphlets, posters, signage, etc.

· Assist patients in finding other health care providers in order to increase the patients access to health services.


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