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Student Placements

Discover how Employment Halton relates to your field of study.

Employment Halton is accepting College or University student applications for unpaid practicum placement positions.

Students have the opportunity to learn about job seekers, employers, community agencies, and newcomers. Enhance your skills in the areas of social work, career/work development, IT, sales/marketing, customer service, and research.

Ideal candidates should have an interest in working with participants in a professional employment setting. Strong oral and written communication skills are necessary. Must be able to multi-task and learn new applications quickly, as well as a demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office and other applications. Criminal reference check must be provided.

Develop your skills and knowledge in a hands on learning environment in a community based setting.

Please submit cover letter and resume directly to Sabrina Essner, Program Lead at Employment Halton at sabrina.essner@halton.ca

Vision Statement
"A Partner in building communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive".

Mission Statement
"Through continuous improvement, innovation and service excellence we work together to meet our communities' ongoing and changing needs".

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